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Abidjan Bridge

Motorway link - Concession


Ivory Coast, 2012-2014

General description

Design, construction, and operation of a 6.7-km motorway link across the Ebrié lagoon, between Boulevard Mitterrand in the Northern part of Abidjan (Riviéra quarter) and Boulevard Giscard d’Estaing in the Southern part (Marcory quarter).


The work includes:

- A 2.7-km embankment section on the Riviéra side, with 2 ordinary bridges across existing roads, ending at the lagoon (toll station)

- A 400-m dike in the lagoon, leading to the bridge

- A 1.5-km prestressed-concrete box-girder bridge across the lagoon, supported by deep pile 

- An embankment section on the Marcory (South) side, approximately 2 km long, including a bridge across a high-traffic intersection

- An interchange between the bridge and Boulevard Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, one of the main through-roads in the city.

Customer / concession authority: Ministry of Economic Infrastructure of the Republic of the Ivory Coast



Project owner

Ministry of Economic Infrastructure of the Republic of the Ivory Coast

Key figures


Abidjan bridge

1,500 m

long dual three lane bridge


year concession


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